Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Funnies - Safety First

One of the developments in automotive technology has been systems that warn the driver of objects and other cars that appear or stop abruptly in front of them. Recently auto manufacturers have been able to tie this into to a car's brake system to automatically stop the car.

The frustration for me is the way this technology is sold in the United States. Playing up to the worst fears of drivers. While fear is an effective sales tool, so is humor and Volvo has come up with a great advertising campaign for their automatic braking system.

To see a brief description about how this system works view the video below.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

There's an App for that

We’ve all had those moments while riding a bike. When a motorist who edges near you and nearly hits you, as they make a turn, or blows through an intersection right in front of you. If you confront them what is the response you can expect? “I didn’t see you” or “you came out of nowhere”. Lets face it distracted drivers are a problem in today's world; they’re texting, talking, and posting their Facebook status while they drive. To say nothing of tuning their radio and checking their GPS or smartphone for directions.

But now there is an App for that, which plays up to a drivers worst fears, The Bike Shield. So instead of paying attention while you drive, you can now have an additional distraction to keep you safe.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bike share for Stu Bykofsky

Bike share is coming to Philadelphia and the city is soliciting recommendations for placement of bike share stations. I can’t think of a better location than the one at Market St and 11th. Not only is it close to the 11th St and Market St. SEPTA stations. It is also two blocks away from 801 Market St. Home of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s editorial staff. Wouldn’t it be great for if there was a convenient bike share station to help with their commute and to annoy Philadelphia’s bike Grinch Stu Bykfosky.

to help vote for this location as a bike share station click on this link.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Protect and Serve

When it comes to the #unblockbikelanes and the Philadelphia Police Department they have a unique relationship. There is the WaWa at 22nd St. & Lombard where the bike lane is treated as an active loading zone, which encourages civilians to park in the bike lane as well. At 13th St. & Arch you can expect the bike lane to be blocked by six police cars on a daily basis, due to its proximity to the courthouse. This one is particularly frustrating as there is a gated lot for police parking on one side of the street and a public parking garage on the other.

Over the Labor Day weekend the Philadelphia Police Department had to add insult to injury at the bike lane on Spruce St. between 38th & 39th. Traffic cones were placed along Spruce St. between 38th and 39th, creating a buffered bike lane. To keep people from using the bike lane as quick parking for the WaWa and other restaurants on that block. This didn’t stop the PPD from repeatedly parking in the lane to block access to it, as confirmed by this Twitter thread.

Now I get it, on duty police officers need their breaks and an opportunity to eat just like everyone else. They also need to stay close to to their vehicles, but to deliberately block a buffered bike lane means a cyclist can’t go around the offending vehicle and get back into the bike lane. They have to ride the length of the street putting themselves at risk and impeding the flow of traffic.

So what is the solution? I don’t think the the PPD will have the same sense of humor as the Philadelphia Parking Authority did when Kid Hazo ticketed one of their vehicles.

Even some kind of polite form letter may not work, people get very touchy when you a lay a finger on their car. Its really going to take a change of the internal culture of the PPD. A good start would be with buffered bike lanes and 13th St. & Arch.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ferdinand needs dental heros

A few years ago a litter of kittens turned up on the doorstep of Bilenky Cycle Works all of them were adopted except for one who was named Ferdinand and became the resident Shop Cat. From a little kitten Ferdinand has grown up to the size of small dog. He has taken on many roles at Bilenky Cycle Works since his first days as Shop Cat. 

Office Manager

Stress Management Consultant
And just how big is Ferdinand?

Ferdinand needs your help. He needs immediate dental surgery as his long term survival may be at risk. Whether you are a cat lover or have enjoyed the Bilenky Junkyard Cross. Donate what you can afford, because every little bit helps

To donate use this link -