Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bike In Movie - Quicksilver

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is following up on its highly successful Bike In Movie in June when they screened Breaking Away to an audience of over 130 people and one dog. On Wednesday, July 6 they will be screening Quicksilver, staring Kevin Bacon.

I would like to commend the BCGP for continuing this effort and I hope that this will become an annual summer event. The BCGP made a tremendous effort to promote the screening of Breaking Away,

This time the BCGP has elected to use stealth marketing. Instead of following the concept of, if you build it they will come. They have tried as hard as possible to not let anyone know about the movie. There is nothing posted on the homepage of the website, the BCGP blog, or Twitter, even the Facebook page has a vague reference. Only if you click on the events link of the BCGP Facebook page can you find out the name of the movie and where it is being screened.

So what would I do?

This should be prominently featured on their Facebook page, BCGP website, blog, and Twitter page. Don't assume that only your membership is going to be interested in this screening. Avoid planning any event so close to a major holiday weekend; there is a very strong probability that your attendance is going to be smaller than normal since many people will take advantage of the long holiday weekend. Wait a week; your attendance will be better.

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