Monday, July 11, 2011

Breakaway Bikes & Bicycle Rentals

 Since 2006 Breakaway Bikes has been running a bicycle rental operation at its summer location at Lloyd Hall, which city government received 30% of all rental fees. A proposed expansion by Breakaway Bikes owner Glenn Krotick would have added 3 additional locations at Schuylkill Banks, along the Wissahickon, and one near Valley Green.  Rather than work with the existing vendor the city of Philadelphia canceled the contract without notice and required a new bid.

Of the two companies that applied one was rejected as unacceptable and the other, Breakaway Bikes was rejected because of a bureaucratic technicality. When Breakaway Bikes submitted their bid they signed the cover letter with black ink, which the city later claimed they could not tell the difference between the original and the eight copies that were required. When a new cover letter was submitted, Breakaway Bikes bid was rejected because the original cover letter and the second one did not match. To add insult to injury when Breakaway Bikes asked for the return of the $5000.00 performance bond from 2006 they City of Philadelphia denied there was one. When proof was provided city government claimed that this was a security deposit that would be returned once the rental shack was removed. Something that Breakaway Bikes has opted not to do as a protest, if it were my business I would remove the shack, get my $5000.00 back and sell or donate the shack to a non-for profit to recoup any costs.

I have a great deal of sympathy for Breakaway Bikes and Glenn Krotick. It’s not easy working to make an idea successful and then have someone step in and take everything away just because they can.

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