Saturday, August 13, 2011


If there is one thing I can't is listening to someone complaining about how they honked their horn at a cyclist and the cyclist gave them the finger. Imagine you are walking around your neighborhood and a rock concert starts, 10 feet away from you, with no warning. A rock concert is 120 decibels; a car horn is 110 decibels.

Getting honked at by a car when your driving does not have the same effect, your car, especially with the windows up muffles a lot of the sound. For a cyclist there is no barrier, you get the full impact. You don’t know its coming and since horns are a warning device you can easily startle any cyclist and leave them thinking an accident is going to happen. Inevitability it turns out that you are trying to get us out of your way, which makes it even more frustrating in Philadelphia when we are riding at the same speed as the rest of the traffic.

So why do you inevitably end up getting the finger? Because we can’t honk back and you have scared and/or annoyed us.

So what can you do, especially when you are driving around Philadelphia?


If a cyclist is completely in a traffic lane its because they are moving faster than cars in the slower lanes or changing lanes to make a turn. Also bicycles can legally ride in any traffic lane, not just a bicycle lane. You are not going to get where your going any faster, especially during rush hour. Be patient will be out of your way in a minute.

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