Monday, August 22, 2011


In a day and age of instant gratification it never ceases to amaze me how quickly individuals will Tweet or post something to Facebook without thinking first. Worse yet is when an organization or business engages in reacting without thinking. They often fail to understand that by doing this they are giving their approval of the author of anything they repost.

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia made a very egregious mistake on Wednesday, August 17, when they re-tweeted a post by Philebrity in which Philebrity posted a column about the recent objections of community leaders in Chinatown regarding the installation of bicycle lanes. They were referred to as Chu Bykofsky's. The membership of the BCGP held the the BCGP management team to task over a post that clearly had racial overtone's, that only inflamed the issue.

While the BCGP did put up a follow up post that apologized for tweeting without thinking, there was one sentence in it that still leaves me wondering if they still don't get it. “Again, we don't imply wholehearted agreement with everything we retweet.” If you don't agree with something you are re-tweeting than why do it? I can only hope that the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia takes a hard look at what they re-tweet to make sure that as an bicycling advocacy organization it represents what they are working towards. But some how I doubt it.

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