Monday, October 24, 2011

Honk, Honk

In Honk I made an attempt to educate the Honker, in this post I'll address what options you the cyclist have as the Honkee. First of keep in mind the state you are in, your riding along try to pay attention to the traffic around you because the slightest accident can hospitalize and all of sudden some moron behind you blares their horn for no apparent reason. Scaring the daylights out of you, as you desperately look around for the signs of the impending accident. When in reality it's some impatient idiot driving an SUV. Who thinks they are going to get to the next traffic light that much faster if you get out of their way.

So with your adrenaline on overtime there are options you can take, unfortunately some of them just generate more anger on the part of the automobile driver who is under the impression they are not at fault.

1.     Yell at them – This never works because you come off as an angry jerk that is causing the problem.
2.     Give then the finger – Not a good option, keep all of your fingers firmly on the handlebars unless you are going to wave back at them with all five fingers on the same hand. An extremely aggressive gesture that never works

So what are your options? 
1.     An air horn – I’ve considered myself but have yet to follow though on it. One way to go is the Airzound based on the reviews on Amazon and the video below it seems to be very effective. Personally I though it had to many parts where something could be stolen or break and I would consider using a refillable air horn with a handlebar bottle cage mount so for city riding I just have to remove one item when I lock my bike.

           2. An electronic horn – I’ve tried these and they sound like a really loud cricket.

           3. A whistle – Whistles have become the most effective and low-tech solution I have found, my personal preference are the Fox 40 whistles. These whistles are ear piercingly loud and the harder you blow the louder it gets, sometimes they even get mistaken for a policeman’s whistle. They also come with a bite guard so you can hold the whistle in your mouth for long periods of times with out drooling. Where it around your neck on a lanyard and you’ll always be able to find it.

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