Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fourth Annual Philadelphia Tweed Ride

Just like Sarah Palin's mythological Paul Revere I would love to ride through the streets of Philadelphia ringing church bells and shooting guns to alert everyone about the Fourth Annual Philadelphia Tweed Ride on Saturday, November 19 at 12:00. I'll just have to settle for writing about it in this blog.

What is a Tweed ride? Contrary to what you may be thinking the Philadelphia Tweed Ride is not a bunch of hipsters. Participants are a wide range of ages and backgrounds. A tweed ride is a return to a bygone era in England when families would dress in their best clothing, assemble a picnic lunch, get on the train with their bicycles and go out to the countryside. Riding their bicycles home.

What should I wear? Ideally your looking for Edwardian or Victorian era look. You don't have to dress in vintage clothing, with a little bit of creativity you can use modern clothing to create a vintage look. If your looking for inspiration use this link and scroll down to the Third Annual Tweed Ride and you'll find links to photo galleries of last years riders.

What kind of bike should I ride? Every bicycle and cyclist is welcome, of course if you have something that looks vintage, like a three speed or an British bicycle like a Brompton all the better. This is not Critical Mass and the ride organizers make it clear at the start that they expect everyone to obey the traffic laws. With the normal stop and go traffic in Philadelphia and the large number of cyclists that participate you'll never get lost. But be prepared to have people wave at you, because they do think it's some sort of parade.

Will there be other activities? In the course of the ride there is one stop at a local park. Where pipes are smoked, hip flasks are sipped, and don't be surprised if a croquet game starts.

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