Monday, February 13, 2012

Philly Bike Party

In  “Where is Philadelphia's Bike Culture?”, I asked what kind of alternative was there to bicycle clubs and century rides. Where were the rides that were fun and social? There are some annual events that meet these criteria and have become part of Philadelphia's bike culture. Including The Bilenky Cyclocross, The Philly Tweed Ride, and Cranksgiving Philadelphia.

Now there is a new addition, a group planning monthly social rides, The Philly Bike Party (Facebook Page). Modeled after the San Jose Bike Party in California. These rides involve cyclists meeting at a predetermined location, following a route and making stops along the way to socialize, and enjoy music provided by audio systems transported by bicycle. Often with a theme to encourage participants to dress up.

The Philly Bike Party has been holding social rides since November 2011 and with warmer weather rapidly approaching I believe that the size of the rides will grow. I hope that the creativity and organization of the San Jose Bike Party will inspire these newcomers to create unique and exciting rides.

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