Sunday, December 9, 2012

2012 Bilenky Junkyard Cross

On Sunday, December 16, 2012 the Bilenky Cycle Works Junkyard Cross will start at 10:00am.

Before I go into details about this race there are some very important questions to be answered.

Will there be beer?  $1 beers to help pay for renting the junkyard.
Will there be food? Sold by Chewy's Food Truck.

This annual event first started as company open house it has evolved into one of the most competitive unofficial cyclocross races in the region. Held in a junkyard the course is a classic example of a cyclocross held in an urban setting.  The course features a wealth of man made and unforgiving barriers and obstacles. Add Stephen Bilenky and his crew of ingenious bicycle gremlins and you never know from one year to the next what to expect from the course.

In the past the course has included steep flyovers (bridges) hurdles from wheel rims, a pit filled with sofa cushions, tunnels using a van and a semi trailer, narrow alleys turned into a leaf filled tunnel, and a seesaw.  The surface of the course is dirt, gravel, and pavement covered with debris and various oily fluids. This year there may even be explosions, according to a recent Facebook post on the Bilenky Cycle Works page. 

The easiest way to get to this event is to bicycle there, as parking is very limited. A group ride is departing from Bicycle Revolutions. The Junkyard Cross opens at 10:00am with the first heats by 11:00am and should conclude by 3:00pm

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