Thursday, May 2, 2013


Thanks to the efforts of the Bilenky Cycle Works, on Thursday May 9 Philadelphia will be graced with the presence the internationally renowned bicycle blogger Bike Snob NYC. Blogging since 2007 the BSNYC blog is summed up in his own words; “While I love cycling and embrace it in all its forms, I'm also extremely critical. So I present to you my venting for your amusement and betterment. No offense meant to the critiqued. Always keep riding!”

But this is more than a mere visit; he will be in Philadelphia to promote the final book in his trilogy, Bike Snob Abroad. In this book Bike Snob NYC travels the United States and Europe with his young son to find out what it really means to be a bike friendly country. “Bike Snob NYC takes us on his most personal narrative journey yet, and ultimately shines a light on the growing pains that exist in any culture that asks smart phone-obsessed text-happy pedestrians, the two-wheeled, and the four-wheeled to share the road.”

Bilenky Cycle Works has organized a 6pm bicycle ride with Bike Snob NYC through Philadelphia to be followed by a book signing and merry making. For more information and to sign up use this link to go to the Facebook page.

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