Friday, May 17, 2013

It was an experience

If you weren't at Rittenhouse Square last Thursday at 6pm you missed on opportunity to ride with Bike Snob NYC and a unique collection bicycles and their owners. The bikes ranged from the standard array of ten speeds, fixies and mountain bikes, along with a long tail bike, a Bike Fiet, a vintage Penny Farthing, and a Schwinn Triplet. As well as Bike Snob NYC's folder, a very nice bike, but I won't reveal what it is.

The Triplet was a rather unique bike, a steel framed Schwinn with drum bikes, and when you make a turn, its like make a turn in a truck. All of your turns are long and wide. I talked with the owner had he has several tandems in addition to the triplet. But what makes the triplet owner a rare individual is that he lives in a town house and he stores it inside. Which means carrying it up a flight of stairs, which is no easy feat.

Bike Snob NYC is one of the most low key and self-deprecating individuals I have ever met. Having him visit your town is like Weird Al Yankovic does a parody of your song. It’s an honor to be selected and you know that everyone will enjoy hearing it.

As for the ride itself you'll have to have to read about it here. But I will say this; Curtis of Via Bicycle made several emergency repair assists that kept everyone on the road and Bilenky Cycle Works for organizing this event.

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