Friday, July 26, 2013

A Giant walks amongst us

You don't see to many advertisements on American television these days and while there are plenty in magazines its always the standard bike porn. Road racers in full kit glistening with sweat and mountain bikers bikers with a light layer of dirt on their faces, arms, and legs. Or pictures of the riders that are sponsored by various cycling manufacturers. You never see anyone normal, like the people you see when you are out riding your bike. Giant Bicycles has created two advertising campaigns that reaches to the general public and makes them ambassadors for their brand

In 2011 the Australian campaign reached out to the average cyclists who ride for fun, exercise, commuting, or race for the thrill of it. A unique commercial attracted 11,000 Australians to register for the opportunity to be one of 30 sponsored riders who would receive new bikes, accessories, and full year of tune ups and repairs.

The winners were truly a unique mix of cyclist and they can be found here.

The current Canadian campaign, “Random Acts of Bikeness” kicked off this summer. “If you see some ‘70s-looking detectives cruising around on Giant bikes, don’t run away. In fact, run toward them.
All summer, all across Canada, Giant’s super stealth, polyester-clad team will be hitting trails and festivals, bike parks and suburban sidewalks looking for totally random people to give new Giant bikes to. The campaign is called Random Acts of Bikeness, and it’s Giant’s way of taking bad, jiggly, rusty, beaten down bikes off the street and replacing them with much cooler rides. Watch this video to see how it’s all going down (and to see how good we look in mustaches.)”

Perhaps someday we may see an equally unique advertising campaign here in America has more cities improve their infrastructure and create more opportunities for cyclists..

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