Friday, July 19, 2013

Philadelphia Kidical Mass

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has been making much ado about their upcoming seminar about Family Biking on Saturday, July 20th. The idea of going taking your children for safe and exciting bicycle rides. At this seminar they are going to discuss picking the right bikes, gear, and routes for riding with young ones. They plan to have on hand plenty of bicycles from various shops and the “best answers come from fellow parents who are already doing it.”

What the BCGP has not to mentioned is why family biking is now part of the Philadelphia bicycling scene. Thanks to the efforts Dena Driscoll and Marni Duffy who created the Philadelphia Kidical Mass. Using a combination of side streets and bike lanes the ride wends its way through Philadelphia with a local playground as its final destination. The participants ride a wide range of bicycles with children on their own bikes, trail-a-bikes, trailers, child seats, long tail cargo bikes and Bakfiets. What makes this safe is when you ride in a group is that other traffic views you more like a car because of the amount of space that the group takes up and gives you a wide berth.

This is a great way to introduce your children to cycling. Rides like this incorporate a fun destination, children that your kids can play with, and adults to you to socialize with.  

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