Friday, August 23, 2013

It's all your fault

The next time you get hit by a car be sure to tell the driver “it's all my fault”. Or so claims Kah Chan or more aptly referred to as “Kahpow” ( A video game designer by trade, he claims that cyclists with helmet cams are antagonizing car drivers.

Mr. Kahpow posits the question; “Why have traffic relationships deteriorated to the point that cyclists feel the need for cameras as a self-defense mechanism?” He claims the videos often failed to provide any context to incidents and overwhelmingly present motorists in a negative light. There has been no deterioration, its always been this bad, now with small low cost video cameras it can be documented for everyone to see. If a driver is portrayed in a negative light its because they have chosen to do so

Cameras are the only way a cyclist can prove that they were verbally threatened by a driver or hit by a car. Why cameras? As pointed out in this article; “Without the striking car's make or model, tag numbers or further details, the case becomes challenging to crack”. And this was an article about hit and run car crashes. Helmet cameras may be the only way to get the license plate, description of the car and driver, since the hit cyclist will be in no condition to recall details like those. Video does not lie and it is a very reliable witness to fight against claims by the driver that “they came out of nowhere” or “I never saw them”.

Imagine having this guy behind you honking his horn for five minutes, they ran out of memory after 2 minutes. He was charged only because of the video and because the publicity another victim came forward.

Or getting hit by a car that drifts into your path and drives off. Arrested only because of video enchantment revealed the license plate.

Or worst of all, someone who deliberately hits you. Skip to the one minute mark if you don't want to see the context of someone riding a bike.

How much context does one need when someone uses their 2000 pound vehicle as a weapon? Cyclists are using cameras as a way to protect themselves and ensure they receive the full protection of the law that every other road user receives. Its people like Mr. Kahpow that seem to play up the concept that there is war between cyclists and cars. There is no war, just the desire to have equal protection under the law.

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