Monday, September 23, 2013

Bike Hacks

Recently I came across, a website full of interesting solutions to common problems that some cyclists may experience. After searching through the website I found two solutions that I was really intrigued by.

We've all experienced the problem with U-locks where the shackle (the U section of the lock) dings and chips the paint on your bike frame. So someone came up with a simple solution, by sliding a piece of garden hose over the shackle. An easy and cost effective solution since many hardware stores sell five and ten foot long sections of garden hose. Or just pick one up at a yard sale.

Another hack answered the question of what if you live in a city that does sell cargo bikes and you want one to transport your children by bicycle. For one man living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil it was build a sidecar for his bicycle, more importantly he built a detachable sidecar. A great solution for home owners who do not have a garage and the bike owner and it does not require you to do an extensive modification to an existing bike. Since this hack was first created the creator has created a website to see how his sidecar designs have evolved along with his children.

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