Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stop Thief

Lock your Bicycle discussed some of the common sense things you could do to reduce the risk of having your bicycle stolen. In Lock your Bicycle – Winning I showcased two of the three classic videos created by Hal Ruzal. Where he walks the streets of New York City rating how well bicycles are locked, a great way to see multiple examples of good and bad locked bikes.

So what can you do to prepare for the possibility of your bike being stolen? No one wants to have their bike stolen, but there are some common steps solutions to protect yourself if it happens.
  1. Write down the serial number on your bike. Turn your bicycle upside down and look at the underside of the bottom bracket. The part where the axle for the pedals passes through the frame. The serial number is the most effective way to prove ownership and to help reunite you with our bike if it is recovered.
  2. Treat your bicycle like a supermodel – Give it a fashion shoot. Take pictures of the bike; especially the serial number and closeups of parts that can be used to identify your bike. Make sure you can clearly read anything printed on them.
  3. Selfies!! - Now that you have immortalized your bicycle, its time to proclaim your relationship to the world. Take pictures of you and the bicycle together.
  4. Take all these pictures and store them on-line. Create a private album on Facebook, Instagram or some other site that only you can see. In the event of theft you can access this information
  5. Last but not least FILE A POLICE REPORT. There have been several stolen bikes recovered through the Philly Stolen Bikes Facebook page, as long as five months later. Having a police report that includes the serial number and a picture of your bike is the most effective way to recover your bike. Especially if you find it on Craigslist or locked on the street. Or if the police recover the bike they can match the serial number to a police report.

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