Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tweed Ride Philadelphia 2013

On Saturday November 9th the Philadelphia Tweed Ride held its 6th annual ride and I rode along with 100 participants. A Tweed Ride is vintage bicycle ride that uses the early 1900's in England as its theme. The ride started gathering at 11:00am behind the Philadelphia Art Museum at The Waterworks. Which attracts the attention of many of the tourists and locals out to enjoy the day. The participants dress in looks that are either vintage or modern twists on vintage clothing.

At 12:00 the ride set off on its route through Philadelphia with questions from onlookers about what we were doing, was this a parade, and why were we dressed up. Rolling past businesses and residential neighborhoods often drew clusters of people taking pictures or shooting video on their cell phones.

A stop for picnic on Washington Park gave everyone a chance to rest and enjoy snacks before moving on to the final destination, Rembrandts, where prizes were awarded for various categories to participants. This included Dapper Chap and Snappy Lass as voted on by the participants and other categories awarded by judges were part of the ride.

Dapper Chap as voted by the judges
Wearing an authentic British cycling outfit accessorized with a monocle

Dapper Chap as voted by the participants

Snappy Lass

Best Picnic complete with a Tandem bicycle

Best Mustache
Created by growing a beard and trimming it a week before the ride

Was this as fun as it sounded, yes. The organizers have also created a low key fundraiser for Philabundance with $800.00 donated by the Tweed Ride participants with the simple pass of a hat. If you would like to stay informed about future rides including a possible spring ride please like the Tweed Ride Philadelphia Facebook page. To see more pictures by other photographers go to the event page. 

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