Friday, December 6, 2013

Ride Eagles Ride

Much to everyone's surprise Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker Connor Barwin often rides the bus or rides his bike to work. When he does drive its his electric car, a Tesla, not an unusual choice since he drove a Toyota Prius when he played for the Houston Texans. This should come as no surprise as Connor Barwin's father is a city planner.

With the expansion of bicycle lanes and the growing number of cyclists in Philadelphia this would be a prime opportunity for the Philadelphia Eagles to turn this into a public relations event. An organized ride to Lincoln Financial Field with a field of flowing green as the participants wear team colors. Complete with valet bike parking and an exclusive tailgate event in a tented area complete with large screens to watch the game.

All the Eagles would have to do is contact the Denver Bronco's for the planning details. The Bronco's have been holding the Orange Ride successfully for several years.

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