Friday, April 11, 2014

The Best of Stu Bykofsky

Lets face it Stu Bykofsky is his own worst enemy when it comes to addressing what he percieives to be an epidemic of of outrageous behavior on the part of cyclists. Even in his most recent column about an article in City Paper written by Nicholas Mirra of the Greater Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia. One that addresses some of the perceptions of Jerk cyclists. How do you take the complaints of anyone seriously who calls cyclist pedalphiles?

So I chose to feature some of my favorite posts I have written about Stu Bykofsky.

All to often people don't think themselves capable of being able to write like a columnist. But in How to write a column like Stu Bykofksy, I broke down the formula Mr. Bykofsky uses to create his bicycle columns. So anyone can write a bicycle column like Stu Bykofsky. 

Then there is Spring has Spring for Stu Bykofsky where I took a silly look into how Stu Bykofsky's mind works when he writes a bicycle column. But more importantly there is a video that asks the question just how dangerous and prevalent is red light running in Philadelphia.

Last up is Professor Stu Bykofsky when he addresses a class at Temple University taught by former Mayor Philadelphia  and crime lord John F. Street, you can only guess what the subject of the lecture was. Even more interesting is the lunch time interview when Street and Bykofsky seem more like Beevis and Butthead

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