Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Penny for your thoughts

Attention ladies, I am a man. Or as I have been recently informed a self identifying CIS-Male. One of the challenges that women face is cycling in skirts and until I start riding in kilt I may never fully grasp the challenge. On the other hand I am always fascinated by problem solving and solutions.

Recently I came across these two videos. The penny in your skirt trick seems to be a very low tech solution

Penny In Yo Pants from Johanna Holtan on Vimeo.

The one I was really fascinated by was this one. It reminds me of the same technique used by women who ride side saddle on horses.

Personally though I would recommend to a woman who rides in a skirt and uses bicycle for transportation to consider options that have stood the test of time. Skirt and mixitie frames are designed for women who ride in skirts. Add a skirt guard to your rear wheel and you're ready to ride in your most fashionable attire. Of course if you are riding for speed or sport then you should have a specific frame to match those needs

The best example of how men and women pair bicycling for transportation and fashion is the bicycle fashion blog, Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Created in 2006, Copenhagen Cycle Chic reflects the diversity of a city where 52% of the population rides a bicycle every day and of that group 75% ride year round, including very snowy winters.

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