Thursday, July 31, 2014


On the Philadelphia Stolen Bikes Facebook page a Twitter campaign of #findourbikes has been suggested. Any person who has their bicycle stolen in Philadelphia would tweet an image of the bike, with a description of the bike, and the location where it was stolen.

This would be an alternative to the traditional street protest. Imagine once month people who had their bikes stolen in Philadelphia stood outside Philadelphia Police Headquarters at 720 Race St for five minutes in a silent protest. In time its going to draw media attention and will be hard to ignore. In today's society social media can act as a global driver towards the resolution of many issues. Wth media, business, government, and individuals tweeting and reading tweets. It would be a matter of time and patience before the #findourbikes could become a force for positive change.

In 2012 the reported number of bike thefts in Philadelphia was 162 bikes per month. If you factor in the number unreported thefts, in my opinion, the number would be three or four times higher. I realize that Philadelphia has a very high rate of violent crime and murder and the police have only a certain amount of resources to go around. Perhaps if there were periodic sweeps to deal with quality of life crimes. We might find that some of the more serious problems will become easier to deal with.

In the meantime tweet your stolen bikes to #findourbikes @PhillyPolice.

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