Thursday, January 22, 2015

"We Are Traffic" - Movie Review

”We are Traffic” Ted White Director, 50 minutes

Before there were Bike Parties, Slow Rolls, and Full Moon Rides. There was Critical Mass.  Like all of these current rides Critical Mass was never a protest. They rode with the slogan of “We aren’t blocking traffic, we are traffic”.

The Critical Mass rides were “the perfect combination of do what you want, but be a nice person”. It was an opportunity for cyclists “to experience what it is to be the majority. To experience what it is like to be safe and surrounded by other cyclists. That’s what Critical Mass is”.

The documentary film “We Are Traffic” tells the story of the of the first Critical Mass rides and the growing pains that came with it. Through interviews with many of the original organizers you’ll find out how the idea behind Critical Mass evolved. You’ll see how they announced the rides in era before the internet, how they handled riding in traffic, and dealing with participants who were more interested in confrontation.

“We Are Traffic” also covers what happens when the media, police and local government officials decide that Critical Mass is a protest and may border on civil unrest. The backlash that occurs, local government’s attempt to co-opt Critical Mass for their own needs, and Critical Mass regaining control.

If you participate in any kind of social group ride, like Kidical Mass Philly, the Philly Tweed, Ride, some variation on a bike party. Then “We Are Traffic”  is the movie for you, it will give an understanding about how social group rides were established and the thought process that goes into creating them. For others who think Critical Mass rides are nothing more than a protest designed to disrupt traffic this will be an education.

Uploaded to by the director, Ted White you can watch it free of charge at the link below.

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