Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thank You Captain Brian Korn

On an almost daily basis the bike lane at 13th St between Arch and Filbert  is blocked by marked and unmarked police and civilian vehicles. Most likely because they have business at the Municipal Courthouse. Fortunately all of these individuals have alternative options for parking. On one side of the street is an official police parking lot and on the other a public parking garage. Unfortunately there are those who chose not to avail themselves of these choices. 

The Philadelphia Bicycle Journal would like to recognize Captain Brian Korn (@PPDBrianKorn) of the Philadelphia Police Department, 6th District for making an effort to help unblock the bike lane at 13th between Arch St. and Filbert St. On several occasions this sign has been sighted.

Captain Korn should be commended for taking the initiative to address this matter. I can only hope that the Philadelphia Police Department will institute a permanent solution.

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