Monday, May 4, 2015

Review - Philly Pumptrack

With spring finally here it’s time to reward your inner child with a trip to the Philly Pumptrack. A Pumptrack is a loop trail with a series of berms and dirt mounds (rollers) that allows a rider to pump the bike with there body. If done correctly you can ride the track without pedaling.

The Philly Pumptrack is a rare gem hidden within Philadelphia. The collective vision of a small group of individuals who raised the funds and found land owned by the Philadelphia Parks Department to build on. Professionally designed, the Philly Pumptrack is no ordinary hole in the ground. Both the beginner and advanced tracks offer challenges for riders of all levels of experience. It is maintained through the efforts of a committed group individuals, including many of the local children and parents who live in the community.

Last summer when I had out of town guests I took them and their kids to the Philly Pumptrack. The 9 year old was having some challenges mastering the technique of riding while standing on the pedals. So he could pump the bike more effectively. One of the Pumptrack volunteers worked with him for about 5 minutes and soon he was doing laps on the beginner track without putting his feet down to catch his balance.

The Philly Pumptrack is a wonderful experience for children of all ages, I would recommend for everyone to try at least once. The track has helmets and bicycles free to use, just make sure to leave a donation before you leave.

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