Wednesday, May 13, 2015

We are not Amused

Let’s face it the #unblockbikelanes effectiveness has been very limited and is a source of frustration for many cyclists who have watched and participated in this effort. Enforcement has been haphazard at best, as the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s own statistics have shown.
1st quarter - the same number of tickets were written in 2014 as 2013
2nd quarter 96% more tickets issued in 2014 vs 2013
3rd quarter - 20% fewer tickets issued in 2014 vs 2013
4th quarter - 40% more tickets issued in 2014 vs 2013

Inconsistent is the best description regarding the effectiveness of the PPA to follow through on the #unblockbikelanes. Something that is confirmed the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s own report. Which includes statements as:
"There does not appear to be a sustained effort to enforce parking regulations."
"Enforcement efforts before and after a concerted effort to address violators has been mixed and inconsistent."

Contrary to popular belief the PPA does not have a secret crime fighting lair, like a Batcave or a Fortress of Solitude, from which they dispatch agents ready to write tickets at a moments notice.

So in an attempt to placate the cycling community the PPA recently created an interactive map that is 6 months out of date. Along with stating their latest goals.

  • Give citizens the opportunity to report blocked bike lanes via Twitter.​
  • Compile relevant data highlighting the most problematic areas with blocked bike lanes in the city.
  • Engage active voices within the Philadelphia community, in particular, The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.​

There is only one goal missing; enforcing existing parking regulations regarding bike lanes.

A point driven home by these two posts on Twitter 7 days apart.

May 4, 2015

May 11, 2015

How does the PPA ignore this for seven days? There have been renewed Tweets about the failures and frustration of the #unblockbikelanes. Along with replies asking people to keep tweeting so more data can be compiled. It seems that all this data does is point out the PPA's unwillingness to do their job.

We need a solution that is more than a map full of pretty colors and outdated information. I'd like to  think the time is right for a Bike Lane Flash Mob. Where cyclist will gather at a specific bike lane for 30 minutes and everyone will bring an awareness cone to line the bike lane. Participants could call themselves Coneheads, say they come France, and consume mass quantities from nearby merchants. 

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