Saturday, October 3, 2015

I rode to the Spread Bagelry

The great thing about having a bike is that you can decide to go someplace and not have to worry about finding parking or getting stuck in traffic. So I decided to ride to the Spread Bagelry at 262 S. 20th St in Rittenhouse Square.

Bagel baking is a unique process and having spent time working in bagel bakery in my youth I have an intimate knowledge of the process. After a bagel is formed it is boiled in water and then baked in an oven. This gives the bagel a crisp shell and soft interior. It also limits how many bagels can be produced due to the time involved. A shortcut to mass produce bagels involves steaming them instead of boiling. Which produces a bagel that lacks crisp shell and makes it soft throughout. These are not bagels, merely round muffins with a hole in them.

The Spread Bagelry bakes a “Montreal Bagel”. The add honey to the water when boiling the bagels and bake them in a wood fired oven. Their menu has a nice mix of breakfast and lunch sandwiches, along with several custom made spreads. I had a poppy seed bagel with cream cheese, lox, and onion. The bagel came with a sizable portion of cream cheese.

At first glance what really made this bagel stand out was that it was covered in poppy seeds and when I bit into it very few seeds fell off. They continued to stay on bite after bite. With most bagels they usually get a light dusting of poppy seeds and most of them fall off with the first bite. The bagel did have a subtle sweet taste to it.

I brought home two plain and two poppy seed bagels. They traveled well, almost no seeds fell off the two poppy seed bagels. I had my bagel consultant try one of the poppy seed bagels. They to were impressed by how it was covered with poppy seeds and that none of them fell off while they ate it. As well as the subtle, yet sweet taste it had.

If you are looking for really great bagels in the Rittenhouse area, then the Spread Bagelry is the place for you.

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