Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bogus Bike Racks - Ikea, Conshohocken

As bike racks become more commonplace at businesses and other institutions the placement and quality of those racks sometimes comes into question.

While Ikea products are distributed worldwide and its origin can be traced back to a single bike. Their questionable bike racks and placement looks as if they have forgotten their origins.

Whenever I go out to do some distance riding I prefer the Schuylkill River Trail, however my options for getting something relatively healthy, tasty, and within my budget are limited. Ikea’s restaurant, conveniently located off the SRT and easily accessible by bike Ikea in Conshohocken often fits the bill. The challenge is locking up my bike securely and safely.

Of the two bike racks they offer both of the wheel bender variety, an outdated style that makes locking a bike difficult and can place a cyclist at the risk of bending the rim of their bike. Neither rack is bolted to the ground  which means they can be moved around with ease.

Recently two cyclists taking a break from riding the SRT found their own creative place to lock their bikes.

This poor selection in bike racks and placement also carries over to their North American headquarters, next door to the Conshohocken Ikea. The entrance is located on the back of the building and while there are plenty of parking spaces for employees who are carpool to work. Bicycles are given short shrift, with something that barely qualifies as a bike rack.

Given their close proximity to the trail one would think that Ikea would do more to encourage their employees to bike to work by giving them decent facilities to lock their bikes. As well as for cyclists riding the trail looking to take a break, who may also be potential customers.

Do you know of a badly placed bike rack in Philadelphia? Write a comment and I will highlight it in a future post.

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  1. The CVS at 10th and Reed has one of those worthless, stubby-loop racks.

    Giant parking lot, tons of foot and bike traffic, plenty of extra space, but nowhere to lock up.