Monday, October 23, 2017

Bluster, Bluff, Lie

On Tuesday, October 17 Merilyn Jackson became the story, instead of her writing about it. For those you who are not familiar with Ms. Jackson’s work she is an occasional theatre and dance reviewer at the Philly Inquirer and other media outlets. You know the type, this who can do those who can’t review those who can do.

First came the bluff.
It all started with a single and now deleted tweet by self described “hyper liberal” Merilyn Jackson (


A tweet taken by many in the cycling community as a threat to kill cyclists. When most people confronted with their own tweets they generally have the common sense to not make matters worse. Clearly this is not the case with hyper liberals, who use the same playbook as Donald Trump. Even when Ms. Jackson’s additional tweets about ageism and ableism were debunked with actual facts, she engaged in bluster.

The Bluster.
First off, if you are woman color you need not fear Ms. Jackson when she gets behind the wheel of her 2000 pound murder weapon.
Women of color.JPG

Or how the poor are to lazy to work and therefore do not need cars.
poor people.JPG

It seems that Ms. Jackson doesn’t want to actually kill cyclists because her daughter is a “well known expert class mountain biker”.

.My daughter bikes.JPG

If anyone can figure out who her daughter is let me know. I’m curious if this just another lie Ms. Jackson told to bolster credibility.

The Lie.
But need not worry at the end of the day Ms. Jackson issued a non-apology apology. You see it wasn’t her fault, it was her sassy mouth.

Sassy mouth.JPG

This is not Ms. Jackson’s first entree into the Trumpian world of denial and deflection. Take her reaction to an architectural review by Inga Saffron.
Inga review.JPG

When Ms. Saffron pointed she was wrong.
Inga  response.JPG

Ms Jackson’s response was classic Trump deflection. She chose to double down and dig the hole that she was in even deeper.
Double down..JPG

There is a larger problem at work, how do you deal with someone who has an irrational belief like Ms. Jackson? Actual facts and studies have no influence, taking them for a bike ride is never going to change anything, neither will talking to them get past the world of denial they live in. Subjecting them to public ridicule or shame just makes them feel they are either a victim or, worse yet, taking a heroic stand.

I’m not sure what the answer is, but letting this sort of behavior go unchallenged is just as bad. The best answer I can think of is every person will have something that they feel works best for themselves and that is the choice they must make. I chose to write about it.

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