Saturday, June 30, 2018

If I Die Before I Wake

Just recently yet another cyclist has been killed at an intersection by a truck
making a right turn, or as it is more commonly known as, a right hook.
This can happen due any number of factors, driver not signaling for their turns,
failing to check their mirrors, and cyclists being in the trucks blindspot.

A local reporter posted a 15 second video clip showing the crushed and
mangled bicycle of the most recent victim being pulled out from under
the wheels of the truck. Some people felt that this was a violent image
and offensive to the friends and family. There was no body, blood, or
viscera in the video, just a mangled bike.

To those who believe this was violent and offensive imagery, let me
tell you what should be considered violent and offensive. Violent is
getting crushed under the wheels of a truck, knowing there is
nothing you can do. Offensive is when a family member has to
go to the morgue to identify their loved one's body or having to
post a Go Fund Me to cover the costs of the funeral.

I am in the process of instructing my friends and family that if I am killed
while riding my bike they should make what happened as political as
possible. Including a statement to the press with my mangled bike front and center for everyone to see. I don’t want a ghost bike, I want a
New Orleans style funeral procession through the streets with a
casket being towed by a bicycle.

All too often cycling advocates and individual cyclist in Philadelphia
have tried to work with the city to make positive changes only to rebuffed
by City Council. Or subject to city employees who spend more time
trying to create projects that resemble Potemkin villages, instead of
improvements with actual substance.

Personally I believe that anyone getting a non-commercial or
commercial license should have to watch a video with mangled bikes
and brief bios of the people who were killed on them. Along with an
actual bike ride or a training situation like this

It’s time to stop worrying about hurt feelings and to time focus on
cyclists not getting killed.

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