Saturday, June 18, 2011

Take me out to the Ball Game

In 2008 Citizens Bank Park and the Philadelphia Phillies instituted their Red goes Green program, which significantly increased its recycling and using alternate energy sources. One of the items that the the Phillies did seem to drop the ball on was making riding a bicycle to the ballpark and having reasonable parking for cyclists. I realize that this is a very minor element given the size and scope of the project. But sometimes the devil is in the details especially when compared to other professional sports teams and the efforts they have made towards a complete package.

Lets start with bicycle parking, currently Citizens Bank Park has a mere 36 spaces, approximately 2 bike racks, for cyclists. On the other hand The Washington Nationals at Nationals Park has 250 bike racks and on game days expands the amount of bike parking by offering free valet bike parking in one of their parking garages.

Another aspect where Philadelphia professional sports teams fail to move the ball down the field is the use of bicycling and public relations. The Houston Astros, the Minnesota Twins, and the Denver Broncos all have organized bicycle rides to one of their games. Fans who participate in these rides have access to discounted tickets, gift bags, raffle prizes. The Denver Broncos offers exclusive use of the Bronco's Barn for cyclists who participate in the ride. Where they can watch the game on big screens, buy food, and all without having to purchase a ticket for the game.

So what would I do?
We've all seen what happens when any professional sports team wins a Superbowl or World Series, a massive parade is held to recognize the players accomplishments. Instead of waiting for this to happen why not create a parade? Imagine several hundred cyclists departing from City Hall following Broad St. to Citizen's Bank Park or Lincoln Financial Field to watch the Phillies or the Eagles play. All of the participants would be encouraged to wearing team colors creating a river of green or red. Only time will tell if the either the Eagles or Phillies management has the vision to create such an event.

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  1. What's the the Phillies Group Sales Dept say when you asked them to do this? 5 yrs ago, Queen City Bike and Cincy Cycle clubs met with the Reds have done a Bike to game with 25% off tickets. Drop me a line at so I can help. I'll be in Philly for the Frozen Four April 2014 & Yes I'll bring my clunky hybrid. We can do a bike lunch! LOL.