Thursday, February 7, 2013

Book Review: Just Ride

Remember when you were a kid and whenever you went some place on your bike you just got on it and went? You did not know or care about what you wore, what you rode, or where you were going. Recently published “Just Ride” by Grant Peterson is a reminder for many of us why we got into cycling as well as a remembrance as to what cycling is really about. Since the 1990's cycling and cyclists have been heavily influenced by high profile, professional racers. That influence has heavily affected several generations of recreational cyclist to emulate many of the things that professional cyclists do that far exceeds what is physically possible or necessary for almost all cyclists.

With 212 pages and 89 chapters the books sounds as if it is going to be an extensive read that would go into agonizing detail. However the book is not bigger than a standard business size envelope and the author keeps each chapter to a page and half and two pages. Each chapter stays on message, to the point, and is written in easily understood English. Without any of the jargon that many cyclists use that tend to confuse and turn off

The main headings break down into 8 parts, which are;
Suiting up
Health and fitness

If it involves cycling Just Ride addresses it, especially a lot of common sense items that many cyclists have never considered or have been misinformed. Mr. Peterson will have you rethinking your approach to cycling as exercise, charity rides, clothing, teach you how to make family rides fun, the basics of maintenance and safety.

This book is a must read and a great gift for every recreational cyclist and novice. It dispels many of the myths and misinformation around cycling over the years and replaces them with a common sense approach. That makes cycling as easy and fun as when we were kids.

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