Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What Exit Do You Live Off Of? - Jersey Edition

With the return of warm weather, at least for cyclists, some of may be considering upgrading your current collection of cycling jerseys.  Or for those of you who are starting to cycling seriously and riding significant distances you may be thinking about investing some clothing more suited for cycling.  After many years of cycling for transportation I started riding recreationally and bought some shorts and jerseys.

As a rule I stay away from cycling team jerseys and full kits: shorts and a jersey.  Lets face it unless you are a paid rider for the team its kind of a pointless jersey. The same goes for jerseys that are nothing more than billboards for companies.  Are you being paid to do this? If the answer is no, then don’t provide free advertising. Personally I tend to stick with solid colors and or something with a truly unique graphic design.

However in a somewhat snarky article I found on Gizmodo; Nine Cycling Jerseys that are Totally Unacceptable, that introduced me to the concept of novelty cycling jerseys. There were definitely several that caught me eye and I hope to purchase in the future.

The Star Trek jersey spoke out to the Science Fiction and Star Trek fan in me. I’d love to see some sort of group ride with a few of the lead riders in the blue(science) and gold (command) jerseys with the main bulk of the riders wearing the ever expendable red jerseys of security.

As a child I loved to watch the Speed Racer cartoons, the Mach 5 was capable of doing amazing things in races that were beyond all imagination. As well as the mystery of Racer X. The Speed Racer jersey is a great way to let your inner child have a voice.

For those of you who are a budget conscious or looking for something more iconic. Then all you need is a white cotton t-shirt and some iron on letters to make your “Cutters” jersey from the film classic “Breaking Away”.

With a little imagination and an Internet search you’ll be amazed what you can find. Amazon and E-bay have some very unique designs available if you spend a few minutes searching. Let your jersey speak for your personality instead of a team or corporation.

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