Sunday, February 8, 2015

Review - Spoke Magazine

Much has been made of the timing of Urban Velo ceasing publication and Spoke Magazine ( starting publication in Philadelphia. The question has to be asked; will Spoke Magazine provide the same quality as Urban Velo? Having had the chance to read their Premiere Issue I would say that the answer is, yes.

There were two articles that really stood out for me. The first “The Citizen’s Guide to Philadelphia Bike Laws” was a wonderful tongue in cheek explanation of the various bicycle laws on the books in the state of Pennsylvania. How many times have you seen a cycling advocacy group quote a cycling regulation and then explain it in such a way that it still does not make sense? Not in this article. With each regulation listed there was a translated reply that explained things in clear English, often with a sense of humor.

The second , “How Many Governments Does it Take to Build a Bike Lane”. We’ve all seen triumphal announcements when shiny new bike lanes are installed. This article explores how and where the money for a bike lane comes from. At the Federal, State, and local government levels. If you really want to see what it takes to build a bike lane then this is the article for you.

The writers and editors of Spoke Magazine created a collection of well written and topical articles. That were interesting, informative, and diverse. Without getting bogged down in jargon or the  minutia of cycling subcultures that become a turnoff for average readers. I look forward to future publications of Spoke Magazine and hope there will be many to come.

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