Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Welcome to the Douche Bag Awareness Guidance System, this is not a test.  From time to time we will be activating the DBAGS system when pretentious cyclist think, “it’s all about me”.

Today’s DBAGS alert is about New York City based filmmaker Casey Neistat and his rant about bicycle parking. Sounding like someone who drives a car, Mr. Neistat in his latest YouTube video complains about how he can’t park his bike in front of the studio he rents and is often forced to park his bike down the block. Recently due to a bad job of locking his bike it was stolen.

Mr. Neistat has achieved a double DBAGS alert in the video. Due to limited bike parking he often resorts to locking his bike over another bike, the equivalent of double parking. Which makes it very difficult for you to get your bike out if your bike is under his bike.

The second alert is for his solution. Mr. Neistat is young, healthy, and physically fit and he could easily carry his bike inside his studio and keep it there. Instead his excuse is ever been to new york city? nothing simple about bringing a bike inside”.  I’ve lived and bicycled in a number of cities in the United States, including NYC and short of someone telling me I can’t bring my bicycle inside. I’ve always managed to bring my bicycle inside without to much difficulty. So what is his solution, a video is worth 1000 words.
Installing a personal bike rack on a public street will not guarantee other people are going to use it. As for his whining about having to remove it, he could have just as easily created a time-lapse video documenting how many bikes are locked in the street over 30 days and lobbied New York City to install a bike rack. But that’s too much work and effort.

Congratulations Casey Neistat for being a double DBAGS alert, please let us know where to send your award.

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