Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What Statistics?

As the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia prepares for its fall bicycle count a question needs to be asked. What are they trying to hide or are they just lazy? If you go to the BCGP website you will find that the most recent statistics they have from their bike counts is from 2008, FIVE years old. IS there something within the last five years statistics the BCGP does not want people to see. But that's assuming the BCGP is smarter than they appear and that is not the case. The BCGP is lazy.

How difficult is it for the BCGP to compile the one years statistics, format and publish them on their website in a timely manner? Obviously very difficult. Its time for the BCGP to return to the basics, being advocates for Philadelphia cyclists. Something they lost sight of when they gave control of bicycle lane approval to Philadelphia's city council. Turning future bicycle lane development into a political tool to be used by a group of people who may not always be looking out for Philadelphia's best interests and lack the knowledge of a civil engineer.

With the BCGP's newest strategy of “Completing the Circuit”, a plan to create a larger trail system that connects Philadelphia with the suburbs. You have to ask yourself how do you hold an organization like the BCGP accountable when they make a questionable agreement that affects every cyclist and not just their membership?

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